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Asun Lola started her path into photography by enrolling at the University of the Arts in London, 

She has always had a passion for all things creative and has a special taste when it comes to photography. She was a model in her teens, and since it was she who was always in front of the camera, she has a privileged inside point of view when it comes to directing and photographing her models, knowing how to capture the best features of everyone that has ever been in front of her camera.



-"All about Eve" for Creators Magazine.

-"The hues of Elisa" for Fashion Grunge Magazine

-"Golden Girl" for Creators Magazine.


-"Kevin and the flowers" for Vogue Italia.


-"Isabel" for Iconic Artist.

-"Isabel´s braids" for Iconic Artist


-"Lost in Chinatown" for Fashion Shift Magazine. (UK)

-"Why don´t you love me" for Boyfriend Magazine. (UK)


-"Love... up in the countryside" for Dreamingless Magazine. (UK)


-"Wild Thing" for Prolific Magazine. (UK)

-"A day in the park" for BeautyMute Magazine. (UK)



- "Derechos en el objetivo" - Group exhibition run by International Amnesty, to highlight the housing issues in the world. In Madrid (Spain) from October 2019 to March 2020.

- Chosen photographer to take part in London's Photographers Gallery's  "Folio Friday". London, July 2018

- "Portraits" - Solo exhibition in Barcelona, Spain from December 2017 to February 2018. 

- "Art Lover Ground" - Group exhibition in London, England. May 2016.






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